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Outpatient information


Weekdays and Saturdays

8:30 〜11:30 / 13:3016:30

Consultation hours

9:0012:00 / 14:0017:00

Non-consultation day

Sundays and public holidays

Year-end and New Year holidays

(December 29 to January 3)



・ We accept reservations for visits. Please contact us as reservations are accepted by the day before.

・ If you would like to see the doctor on the day, please come directly during the reception hours.

・ You can have a medical examination even if you do not have a letter of introduction.
In that case, there is no fixed amount.

・ Each department may change in a hurry, so please check in advance before making a reservation.

・ Please note that reservations may not be accepted depending on the degree of congestion.

・Please wait in the waiting room of each department after completing the reception procedures.

・Patients will be called for examination in the order of appointment, but the order may change
depending on the availability of test results, etc.
Please note that this order is different from the order of registration at reception.

・Reception hours and consultation hours may change depending on each department and day of the week.

For the first and return visit

For the first visit

If you are a first-time visitor, please bring the following items with you before visiting the hospital.

・Health insurance card

・Medical beneficiary certificate (if you have one)

・Letter of introduction (if you have one)

For return visit

If you wish to return to the hospital, please bring the following items with you when you come to the hospital.

・Health insurance card (We will check it once a month, so please show it)

・Medical beneficiary certificate (if you have one)

・Medical examination ticket (If you forget it, it will be reissued and you will be charged the actual   cost, so please be sure to bring it with you.)

 About medical certificate Information

On issuance procedure

・If you would like to issue a medical certificate or certificate, please contact the reception.

・If you wish to be issued while you are in the hospital, please fill out the “Medical Certificate
    Application Form” at the reception desk as soon as the discharge date is decided.
    Also, if you wish to receive it on the day of discharge, please contact the reception.

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